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Marianne and Rick Dammert said:   November 14, 2012 5:15 am PST
Thank you so much for the memory of our first zipline experience! Your crew was so nice, the view was breathtaking, and the adventure was unforgetable!

Terri Welsh said:   October 23, 2012 7:24 am PST
It was so great to see you again! You haven't changed a bit! We abosolutely love coming to your place the best! It is so wonderful to "Look, see, what God has made!" The zip lines were a great addition! It was simply awesome!! You should add cameras and sell the videos! I have lots of pictures and videos but i didn't get you private email address. Loved getting to know you step-son! That's what a love about the South and Southern folk! We had a great talk as I was riding in the passenger seat in the truck up to the zip line! You staff is great, too! You are a very special lady with a BIG heart! So glad to have another Sister in Christ!! Garth Brooks will be fine! So glad you rescued him! I like 'em frisky! Liberty is a great leader! We found out what that haze was! Heard it in the news. It was from the dust storms in Oklahoma! Have to be sure and tell the guys because they said they'd never seen it like that and that it was eerie! Would love to send you some pics and our videos so I you can send me your email or I guess I could invite you on Facebook. Can't imagine you have time for Facebook! You are always working! We'd love to retire in that area. Gave my daughter the info on Annetta. She didn't recognize that name because in the military they go by last names so when I said Carman, she remembered! We always tell people to come to your Next to Heaven! Believe me, everyone will know about your place! I ranted and raved on Facebook and put pictures and videos! God bless! Hope to hear from you!!!

Sam & Cathy Veltri said:   October 6, 2012 2:54 pm PST
This is from your Dem. friends from St.Louis Mo. We had a great time and highly recommend to anyone that likes a little excitement. We will tell all of our friends. Thanks for all the laughs. Let me know when you get some XL shirts in, I'd like to have one. Sam

Jillian Spiciarich and Dan said:   September 27, 2012 5:14 pm PST
We went riding with Blue and Monty and had such a wonderful experience. Her horses are well taken care of and well behaved. A definite must in the Smoky's for anyone who loves riding and beautiful views!! Thank you, Deb!

Carolyn Neargarder said:   September 24, 2012 11:05 am PST
Just wanted to say what a great time we had. I was having a really bad day and told my husband just to drive. We had researched lots of places to ride and zip and made our choices for the next day. We just happened past your place and pulled in. After talking to a while we decided to come back and do both the following morning. I realized God had led us to our place to lift my heart and clear my mind. Thanks so much.

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